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Available Opportunities

Fees and costs vary depending on each UWC school, however, we believe that money should not be a barrier to education. Thanks to generous supporters, UWC Colleges are able to offer full or partial scholarships to many of the young changemakers who need financial support. Please note that scholarships are subject to UWC’s financial needs assessment of the student’s parents or Guardian.

In 2024,Trinidad & Tobago was allocated four (4) places for the academic years 2024-2026. These opportunities have since been taken up by applicants who were assessed and selected and are no longer available .

The 2024 Offers were for :

1. UWC Atlantic, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Potentially up to 100% scholarship provided by the College.


2. UWC Mahindra College, Pune, India

Poten.tially up to 75% scholarship provided by the College.


UWC ISAK, Karuizawa, Japan

Potentially up to 75% scholarship provided by the College.

Additionally, this Programme will not accept Students who have a high school diploma at the time of entry.


4. UWC-USA, Montezuma, New Mexico, USA

Potentially up to 50% scholarship by the College.