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Who we are

United World Colleges Trinidad and Tobago (UWC-TT) is the National Committee that represents United World Colleges in Trinidad and Tobago. UWC-TT has been authorized by the Board of UWC International as the official representative of UWC in Trinidad & Tobago.

The legal entity under which the Trinidad and Tobago National Committee operates is "UWC Trinidad and Tobago" (UWC -TT). UWC T&T is registered as a non-profit company under the 1995 Company's Act of Trinidad & Tobago and the members of the National Committee comprise graduates, sponsors, and other parties interested in furthering the goals of the UWC.

All members have a vote on how the affairs of UWC-TT and in particular the National Committee (the elected officers of UWC-TT) are conducted. 

Being registered as a non-profit company in Trinidad & Tobago aids transparency and enables the organization to register as a charity so that sponsors are granted tax benefits in relation to their contributions to UWC.