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Who we are

UWC Trinidad & Tobago (UWC TT) is the legal entity under which the Trinidad and Tobago National Committee operates.

 UWC TT is registered as a non-profit company in Trinidad & Tobago which operates in accordance with its Bye Laws, a copy, which is provided below.  Members of the National Committee comprise graduates, sponsors, and other parties who are interested in furthering the goals of  the UWC movement.

The current Board of Directors are :

Reshma Bissessar

Reshma is a Consultant with significant Human Resource and organisational change experience  both in the local and multinational sectors of Trinidad and Tobago. She leads the Board of Directors of UWC TT, as the Chair.

Axel Kravatzky

Axel is a Doctor of Developmental Studies and Operations Research and operates as a consultant in the Caribbean and European markets . He is  a respected practice lead for Purposeful Governance and Strategy and is highly skilled and experienced in a wide variety of experiential learning and development  methodologies. Axel  is a graduate of UWC USA .

Bernard Quesnel

Bernard is a business person with an accounting background with experience in many fields, including accounting services, construction and agriculture. He provides services to a broad base of clients and sits as a Director on several Boards. He is a parent of a child who has benefited from a UWC scholarship and a devoted martial artist.

Gabriel V Cumbermack

Gabriel is a retired educator, having operated as a teacher, Principal, School Supervisor and the Coordinator of the local Schools Discipline Initiative.  He has led the country’s National Mentorship Programme (Ministry of National Security) and the Catholic Education Board’s Quality Assurance Programme